Phishing Simulation

Phishing Simulation is your conversation starter. We make it easy.

Strong Defaults

  • Hook up User Directory Sync and be done
  • Default campaigns start rolling automatically
  • Works out of the box
  • Watch the results come in or send them right to your customer
picture of phishing

Provide a Learning Moment

  • Tailor each failed training to a specific Learning Moment
  • Your employee receives instant training on what they missed and what they should look for in the future
  • Prepare your company to correctly handle phishing attempts when they appear
  • See an example Learning Moment
picture of phishing

Customize Campaigns

  • Upload your own email templates or use our professionaly designed templates
  • Run as many campaigns as you like, with as many email templates as you want
  • Easily choose who is in which campaigns and what emails they receive
picture of phishing

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