The features that actually save you time

Show prospective clients where you can help them.

Simple Pricing

Easy to sell and a great place to start the security conversation with potential clients

Flexible and Automated

Tweak only what you need and let defaults take care of the rest. Customize any aspect of your campaigns. No babysitting required.

Real Data

Know where your clients are vulnerable and who they need to train. Your service recommendations carry weight when backed with real data.

Time Saving

Run campaigns automatically. Sync client users effortlessly and watch the results come in.

Continuous Testing

Set topics and forget about editing templates all together. Users receive emails as long as you want.

Instant Training

When someone is phished they receive immediate training and are redirected to a learning moment where they understand what they missed and how to catch it in the future.


Tools designed for service providers

Phishing Simulation

Phishing Simulation

Phishing Simulation with micro learning

Phishing represents > 80% of attacks on small businesses.

With Anchor Phishing Simulation, you can engage potential customers early and show them why they need your security services.

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Flexible pricing that is easy to sell